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 Prototype Manufacture



Your Engineer can bring ideas into reality.

In partnership with selected specialist workshops we can produce a working prototype.




CSIRO Impact Test Rig

Your Engineer was successful in winning a competitive Request for Tender issued by the Australian CSIRO to design, manufacture and verify a low speed impact test rig. Your Engineer collaborated with CSIRO staff to develop the concept within tight deadlines.  We...

Vehicle Dynamic Analysis

Have a need to modify an existing piece of mobile equipment? There's nothing like having good quality test data – but what if you don’t have access to that? Dynamic analysis of vehicles is useful for understanding the loads that your piece of equipment will need to be...

Workshop transportation bogies

A requirement existed, as part of a greater production line, to transport locomotive underframes between assembly stations. Your Engineer implemented a ‘Process-centric’ design approach – focus early on designing the process or task, not the equipment.   Understand...

Reinstating structural capacity of a modified passenger car

A passenger carriage had been previously modified as a special purpose mobile testing laboratory. The modification failed structurally in service. Your Engineer was commissioned to re-engineer the carbody to its original as-build structural state. A finite element...

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