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Processes of Product Development

Product Specification

Don’t underestimate the value in understanding the problem before diving into solutions.

Your Engineer can prepare specifications for tenders in a way that ensures you get what you asked for.

 Concept Design

Concept design is about vision.   What are the possibilities for this product?

Your Engineer can capture your vision and present it early before detailed design to ensure we are on the same page.


 Analysis & Simulation

Analysis methods like Finite Element are more than just pretty pictures.

Analysis is about determining how to make your product work correctly before you cut steel.



Your Engineer doesn’t guess – we make sure.

Your Engineer has a toolbox of testing capabilities to either verify a new design, or determine the problem in existing.


 Compliance and Safety

A new product is useless to you if it doesn’t meet statutory requirements.

Your Engineer can help you prove your product meets the requirements of the law in a cost effective way.

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