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Expert Witness and Failure Investigations

Technical opinion and reporting provided for:

  • Failure investigations;
  • Insurance damage assessments;
  • Expert witness services.


General topics where expertise is provided:

  • Industrial vehicles and equipment (structural and mechanical, excl electrical);
  • Lifting equipment, lifting arrangements and crane design;
  • Ballistic, crash and impact protection;
  • Composite (fibre reinforced plastics) and plastic components/structures;
  • Steel components and structures (including welding failures);
  • Ducted fans/ ventilation fans;
  • Hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic equipment failures;


Services provided:

  • Review and opinion provided to legal council;
  • Detailed calculations and analysis to establish facts;
  • Custom designed testing and data collection evidence.


Above is a general guide, please call to discuss the details of your case as the specifics are important.

Past case history and references are available on request.