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Industrial Robotics

Industrial Robotics, custom microcontroller based data acquisition solutions.


Robotics will be the future of manufacturing and product development in Australia and worldwide.

Your Engineer is developing the capacity to take your manufacturing requirements into the robotic age.



‘Smart Wheels’ Golf Caddy

‘Smart Wheels’ Golf Caddy

Your Engineer was engaged by Concourse Golf to convert an idea into reality.   Concourse had a vision to create a set of wheels that could convert their 3 wheeled golf bag caddy into a powered and, if desired, remote controlled caddy.   Their concept was to have...

Mobile Solar Irradiance Data Node

Mobile Solar Irradiance Data Node

  Your Engineer was engaged by the CSIRO to rapidly develop (8 weeks from concept to deployment) a device that could be deployed in the hundreds to collate comprehensive data on the solar resources of Australia. The device was to be: self powered and self...

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