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Proven rail experience in:

  • Locomotive crew cab design and engineering;
  • Assessment of primary and secondary railcar structure;
  • Design and engineering of fiber reinforced plastic components;
  • Lean manufacturing principles applied to railcar and locomotive production lines;
  • Communication and working with Asian engineering and production facilities;
  • Working knowledge of AS7500 series Rail Standards;
  • Production line technical support providing a Technical Liaison Engineer service on a daily basis;
  • Design of custom test rigs for the qualification of new rail products.
Locomotive Lathe Process Optimisation

Locomotive Lathe Process Optimisation

A customer operating a locomotive wheel lathe came to Your Engineer with an initial request for some custom designed swarf shields to prevent hot swarf contacting operators.   The advantage of engaging Your Engineer is perspective – we have the advantage of looking at...

Workshop transportation bogies

Workshop transportation bogies

A requirement existed, as part of a greater production line, to transport locomotive underframes between assembly stations. Your Engineer implemented a ‘Process-centric’ design approach – focus early on designing the process or task, not the equipment.   Understand...

Reinstating structural capacity of a modified passenger car

Reinstating structural capacity of a modified passenger car

A passenger carriage had been previously modified as a special purpose mobile testing laboratory. The modification failed structurally in service. Your Engineer was commissioned to re-engineer the carbody to its original as-build structural state. A finite element...

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