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Special Vehicle

  • ROPS/FOPS advanced design and testing.   Computer simulation of ROPS testing.   Final stage applicant for ACARP funding into developing a modular ROPS system;
  • Dynamic simulation of mobile plant to predicted product lifespan as a function of roadway condition;
  • Vehicle testing and verification of modifications using data acquisition sensor packages including linear transducers, accelerometers and strain gauges;
  • Lift arm, chassis and drivetrain analysis.   Analysis and verification of custom hydraulic rams and valve blocks.
Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack

This was a project that I worked on before Your Engineer was started, but I've included it here as it influenced the 'attitude' that Your Engineer operates with now.   I helped design, build and test some of the early prototypes for what became the Martin Jetpack. ...

Vehicle Dynamic Analysis

Vehicle Dynamic Analysis

Have a need to modify an existing piece of mobile equipment? There's nothing like having good quality test data – but what if you don’t have access to that? Dynamic analysis of vehicles is useful for understanding the loads that your piece of equipment will need to be...

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