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This was a project that I worked on before Your Engineer was started, but I’ve included it here as it influenced the ‘attitude’ that Your Engineer operates with now.   I helped design, build and test some of the early prototypes for what became the Martin Jetpack.   The original goal was to produce a useful ‘Jetpack’ with better range and endurance compared to the existing ‘jetpacks’, such as the Bell Rocket Belt.  The design used ducted fans belt driven by a high performance 2-stroke combustion engine.   I learnt alot from my periodic involvement in the project over 8 years, both technical knowledge and business skills, and it contributed to my ‘can do’ approach to developing radical products.   Never underestimate what can be built in a single car garage…

2008 Oshkosh Airshow, (Milwaukee region, USA), the public premier of the Martin Jetpack.


An early prototype of the Martin Jetpack (long since retired at the time of the photo).