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Your Engineer was engaged by the CSIRO to rapidly develop (8 weeks from concept to deployment) a device that could be deployed in the hundreds to collate comprehensive data on the solar resources of Australia.

The device was to be:

  • self powered and self managing;
  • vehicle mounted but easily installed or removed;
  • Capable of continuously measuring the solar irradiance levels while moving, recording the time and location where the measurement was taken.

Your Engineer met the deployment schedule and deployed 2 prototypes to be used during the World Solar Car Challenge, a global event racing solar vehicles across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide.

Above – Initial prototype deployed for the World Solar Car Challenge 2015.

Based on the experience gained deploying the initial prototypes, Your Engineer further developed the concept to a full IoT wireless data collection solution.

Development continues!

Above РA fully functional prototype wireless data collection node.   The device is secured to the vehicle with rare earth magnets.