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Your Engineer was engaged by Concourse Golf to convert an idea into reality.   Concourse had a vision to create a set of wheels that could convert their 3 wheeled golf bag caddy into a powered and, if desired, remote controlled caddy.   Their concept was to have everything that the wheel needed to function contained within the wheel – including batteries, motor and controllers.   This is not unique in concept – for example MIT has recently done something similar with their Copenhargen Wheel for bicycles (but with a huge team and a much greater budget than Your Engineer….).   What was unique about the Concourse concept was the use of two wheels that had to communicate to coordinate movement.

Your Engineer worked closely with an industrial designer to go from concept to reality.   Manufacturability, with the potential to utilise industrial robots for at least some of the assembly was built into the concept from inception with the expectation of production cost minimisation (and to make assembly in Australia attractive).   Your Engineer developed performance calculations for the concept to ensure the targeted range, speed and weight were achievable.  Your Engineer, in partnership with the industrial designer, completed the detailed design, organised manufacture and assembled the prototypes.   Software for the embedded controllers and wireless communication was also developed in-house.   The prototypes were designed with growth in mind – both with a software architecture that allows for feature extension, and the inclusion of additional sensor capability to allow the ‘smart’ wheels to become even ‘smarter’ with software upgrades.

Your Engineer was able to provide expert advice to patent attorney’s to maximise the strength of the intellectual property protection.   Your Engineer was also involved in providing technical input to Ausindustry for the successful Australian Government Accelerate Commercialisation Grant.