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A requirement existed, as part of a greater production line, to transport locomotive underframes between assembly stations.

Your Engineer implemented a ‘Process-centric’ design approach – focus early on designing the process or task, not the equipment.   Understand the safety requirements early.

Gain sustained input from operators throughout the design process.


Design the task to be completed.   Understand the safety and people requirements early.


Design equipment concepts that inherently fit the needs of the people, the process and safety.


Integrate the equipment concepts back into the process design.

  • Are all the process requirements met?
  • Have we included all features needed to eliminate safety risks?
  • Does the design meet the requirements of the operators?

Detailed design of the components.

Finite element analysis used both dynamically to understand the loads possible under operating conditions and statically to evaluate the strength of the design chosen.


Supervision and support during manufacture.


Strain gauge verification as part of global process and equipment verification requirements.


Operational trials and feedback from operators.